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Regimental Bandmasters

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Unfortunately there are people on the web who find no greater pleasure than destroying things for others.

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Firstly, thank you all for your patience.

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Albert Ernest (Bert) Hurst

Albert Ernest (Bert) Hurst

Victoria (Australia) Branch 1914

H/3063 Private A. E. Hurst 14th (King’s) Hussars attached 20th Hussars

Born on 30 June 1888 at Kentish Town, Albert Hurst enlisted in the Hussars of the Line in 1908. Drafted to the 14th (King’s) Hussars in India, he served for five years with the Colours before returning home on being transferred to the Reserve.

Mobilised at the outbreak of the war, Private Hurst could not rejoin the 14th Hussars at Mhow but was instead drafted to France on 22 August 1914 to join the 20th Hussars.

Chum Hurst pictures taken on 25 April 1971

Bert married Gertrude Elizabeth Varndell at St Nicholas’s Church in Sutton, Surrey on 27 November 1916 and was transferred to the Class Z Army Reserve when he was demobilised on 24 February 1919.

Following his demobilisation Bert found work as a farm labourer in Bramshott, but in 1922 he and Gertrude, together with their two young daughters, sailed for Australia on board the S.S. Baradine, embarking at London on 9 March.

S.S. Baradine

Landing at Melbourne, the Hursts settled in South Yarra. During the Second World War Bert Hurst served with the Australian Citizen Military Forces, enlisting at Royal Park, Victoria and being issued with the service number V4396. At his attestation Bert stated that he had been born in 1890.

He later received The War Medal 1939 – 1945 and the Australia Service Medal 1939 – 1945.

Bert joined the Victoria Branch of The Old Contemptibles’ Association and for many years served the Branch as its Standard Bearer. The photographs of Chum Hurst were both taken on 25 April 1971 at the ANZAC Day Parade in Melbourne, by which time Bert was aged 82.

Chum Bert Hurst died on 10 November 1974 and is buried at Lilydale Lawn Cemetery.