Regimental Bandmasters

In 1941 the Band had to be disbanded in order to form the regiments Mortar Troop and it was not until October, 1947, that word was given for the Band of the 14th/20th King’s Hussars to be re-formed.

Mr. Hurst with five boys and four men, the latter being the boys who had enlisted during the war and now grown to man’s estate, proceeded to Catterick Camp to get busy on the more difficult task of producing a new Band.

A few old stalwarts of pre-war days were discovered and gently steered into the fold. These included Sergeants Fury and Mayland and Cpl Duffy. For the remainder it was a case of careful selection of those most keen to take up a musical career in the Army (experience not being considered so essential as enthusiasm) with the result that the new Band  consisted of thirty-eight members, men and boys all out to give their best.

The Band on Parade

Regimental Bandmasters

W.O.I (Bandmaster) R. E. G. Grimes

W.O.I (Bandmaster) R. Sands

W.O.I (Bandmaster) R. Hurst

W.O.I (Bandmaster) R.A. Mott

W.O.I (Bandmaster) B. M. Thomas

W.O.I (Bandmaster) C. J. Petheram

W.O.I (Bandmaster) R. Sands

W.O.I (Bandmaster) C. E. Hicks