14th Hussars Campaigns

14th Dragoons Guidon

From the time of it being raised by Dormer, it has taken part in the following campaigns, those highlighted were awarded to the 14th Hussars as Battle Honours and link to those campaigns.

1715: The Jacobite Rebellion of the Old Pretender.

1745: The Jacobite Rebellion of the Young Pretender.

1794 – 1795: Two Troops only in the French Revolutionary Wars in Holland and Belgium.

1795 – 1797: Seven Troops in San Domingo

1808 – 1814: Peninsular War (Douro, Talavera, Salamanca, Vittoria, Pyrenees and Orthes

1814 – 1815: Four Troops in the war with the United States of America

1843 – 1845: Two Squadrons in the South Mahratta (India) campaign

1848 – 1849: Second Sikh War (Ramnuggar and Chillianwala)

1857: Persian War

1857 – 1859: Indian Mutiny

1881: First Boer War

1899 – 1902: South African War (Ladysmith and Boar War)

1915 – 1918: Great War – Mesopotamia

1918: Persia


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